CUDA Particle Simulator

MIT-Licensed particle simulator
Page last updated on 9/21/2022

While working on a project in one of the game development courses at George Mason University, I invented my own really simple particle collision handler algorithm, but found that it could only handle a small number of particles. I used this project as an opportunity to bring that algorithm back to life, but this time for execution on the GPU with the help of NVIDIA's CUDA API. By writing the algorithm in CUDA C++, I significantly improved the realism of the algorithm and managed to create beautiful simulations of water, lava, slime, confetti, sand, and more! All of these can run at 144fps with tens of thousands of particles on my NVIDIA RTX 3080 GPU. I open sourced the project using the MIT License so anyone in the community can benefit from my algorithm design, and I put a build of the software on so people without programming knowledge can have fun running the program.

See the code here
Download the game here