Escape From Uncle Josh

Horror game written in C++
Page last updated on 5/30/2022

I made this short game as my final project for George Mason's CS425 (Game Programming I) class. This class served as an opportunity for me to learn OpenGL after having worked with Vulkan for several years to develop a game engine. Working with OpenGL on this project allowed me to spend significantly less time on the graphics side of developing the game, and more time on the overall design, philosophy, and code quality. Many of the features I developed for my Vulkan game engine are implemented in this game, such as Nvidia PhysX support for collisions, rendering of GLTF model files, level loading from Blender scenes, and text rendering using FreeType. I presented this project in an interview which helped me get a job as a computer graphics programmer, making the game a very important stepping stone in my journey as a software engineer!

Download the game here