Foto Graffiti

Photography game written in C++
Page last updated on 4/30/2022

I developed this game with a fellow classmate for a semester-long class project in George Mason's CS426 (Game Programming II) class. The class allowed us to choose what technology we wanted to use to create the game, and we decided to use C++ with OpenGL rather than using a game engine like Unity or Unreal. In Foto Graffiti, the player is a photo journalist who must explore scenic 3D environments and take pictures of anything they find interesting, which they can then edit in the game's built-in image editing software. The game also includes fully animated dialogue sequences where the player talks with his boss about the assignments. My teammate developed the built-in image editing software, while I developed all other aspects of the game, such as the levels and dialogue sequences. This game was an excellent experience for getting better at managing large scale C++ projects as well as writing rendering code. Many of the features I developed for Escape From Uncle Josh (my project for another George Mason game development class) return in this project, such as Nvidia PhysX collisions, GLTF model rendering, level loading from Blender, and text rendering using FreeType. I've expanded on all of these features to include animated character rigging and skinning, PBR rendering, skybox reflections, and shadow mapping! This game is the most complex piece of software I've ever worked on, and I am incredibly proud of the work that my teammate and I put into it.

Download the game here