Attack of the Magic Cardboard

Unity game developed with me as leader of large team
Page last updated on 5/31/2021

For full context on this game and its development, please read my page on "Morg's Mimics". Each semester, George Mason's GADIG (Game Analysis and Design Interest Group) club develops a game to put on, and Attack of the Magic Cardboard was its game for Spring 2021. Like the previous semester, I served as the "Programming Director" and the team was of a similar size, but once again, many members were new to the club, so I had to teach them Git, Unity, C#, etc like last time. From my experiences the previous semester, I was able to spend less time getting used to leading and organizing, and more time helping individual programmers who were new and needed 1-1 help, while most subteams operated more autonomously and just needed occassional check-ins during meetings. One of my weak points the previous semester was my structuring of tasks, which weren't written down and were only given orally. I changed direction this semester by writing detailed task documents, which gave specific instructions to each subteam. This helped team members stay on task, as well as set expectations each meeting for how much work should be completed. Because the programmers worked so productively given these structural changes, programmers rarely had to work on the game outside of meetings (although I still spent plenty of time merging code into master during weekends). This game was an even greater success than Morg's Mimics and is very fun to play.

Download the game here